My Friends, The Pelicans

One of these pelicans is usually on the next slip over from Belle Isle in the mornings, watching me as I go about my morning routine. They are awesome birds. I watch them fish every day. They hover 30 or 40 feet high until they spot a fish. Then they tuck their wings, and dive bomb into the water. When they get a fish, I can see it flapping around in their gullet. It takes them a while to work it down. Sometimes they let it get a bit of it’s fight out before they swallow it. Imagine being that fish. Swimming along, doing your thing until some creature from another world falls from the sky and swallows you whole. Damn. Pelicans are badass, and I love watching them.

    • Richard
    • December 15th, 2010

    I am not much of a bird watcher but, I love birds. Anyways, Pelicans are right up there for me. They seem to have an interest in what’s around them, that is not solely based in fear. I hope that makes some sense. I just woke up. 😉

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