Tumble Weeds Three Times Faster Than Me

Left the tiny town of Green, Kansas yesterday morning. Had about 50 miles to get to a state park. I knew it was going to be a slog. Predicted winds were out of the south 10 to 20 with gusts of 30. I was headed south. And if I’m going south at 10 mph, actual winds for me were 20 to 30 with 40 mph gusts.

A couple of days ago I was sailing south to Marysville, Kansas on north winds like that. Every time I stopped I wondered how horrible it would be to have to ride into that kind of wind. I got to find out yesterday.

All I could hear all day long was the WHOOOOSH of the wind creating turbulence in my ears. I spent a lot of time doing 5 to 6 mph as I watched bits of straw and hay and tumble weeds going three times faster than me in the other direction.

Unfortunately, I’ll have those south winds for the next three days of riding. On the brighter side, the south winds are carrying warmth. Lows in the high 40’s and highs in the 70’s next few days.

Two pre-conceived notions dispelled. #1: Kansas is not flat. #2: Kansas is full of mostly really nice and helpful people, not angry hicks.

    • Jamie
    • November 7th, 2010

    When I have traveled, I usually find that what we are told of what other people are like or who they are generally untrue…people are people, most of whom are pretty much the same after you peal away the labels…

    You’re blog is great! I’ve enjoyed following your adventure.

    • Vy Thorng
    • November 8th, 2010

    I love it when myths and stereotypes gets dispelled. This is and have always been true in traveling. V”’V
    Keep it up!

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