Nearing Omaha

I could probably be in the Omaha suburbs tomorrow if I really went for it. But I think I’ll take my time and take a couple of days to get there.

I’m about 15 miles south of Sac City, Iowa. I sailed down here today. The 70 miles was easy. There were times when I could coast for several hundred feet at 20-25 mph. The wind was directly at my back nearly the entire way. It was almost too easy. It’s going to spoil me for those days when I have to work like a bastard for 8 mph.

A couple of days ago when I saw the wind was going to be from the north today, and east tomorrow, I decided to head straight south today, and straight west tomorrow. It might be fun to just follow the wind and see where you end up. I can’t do it now, but it might be fun in the summer.

Yesterday I stopped into Okoboji Expedition Co. To fix my hub problem, and also make sure the front one wasn’t going to give me any problems.

Drew was the man in charge, he let me use the shop to take care of my business for a nominal fee. Plus they had a cafe, got some coffee, quiche and a smoothie (banana, blueberry, almonds and soy milk, of course.)

Low temp Friday morning was 25, I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag until the sun came up so I got kind of a late start in the morning, and had to bike around a lake to get to the bike shop. Didn’t get there till maybe 11:30 or noon. I didn’t head south until maybe 3 so I didn’t get very far.

I got offered a place to stay in Okoboji, and also a ride to Sioux City. Both kind of tempting, but after some thought I decided to continue on to where I was headed. Spirit Lake/Oloboji is a nice area, I wish I could have stayed a few days. But I know winter is coming, and feel pressure to keep moving south. So I will.

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